GPGPU Installations

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Upgrade the Ubuntu

These are the google doc links of the presentations I have given in class, or seminars or other invited talks. These were the most requested urls !

  • sudo apt-get update # Fetches the list of available updates
  • sudo apt-get upgrade # Strictly upgrades the current packages
  • sudo apt-get dist-upgrade # Installs updates (new ones)

Partition and mount the harddrives

  • sudo apt-get install -y mdadm # Install mdadm
  • sudo mdadm –assemble –scan # check for existing raids ## found existing !! If not prepeare, refer tutorial here


  • df -aTh # shows list of all mounts ### Manual mount
  • sudo mount /dev/md0 /media/hdd/ # monnt existing ### Mount permanently
  • blkid # shows uuid for drives to add to fstab Add the following line to /etc/fstab

    the RAID 1 mount of two hdd

    UUID=06ad59d9-3176-4c16-95e9-77356cc572d7 /media/hdd ext2 defaults 0 1

  • sudo mount -a # mount using fstab

Install Essentials, extras Git / Zsh

  • sudo apt-get install -y build-essential
  • sudo apt-get install -y ubuntu-restricted-extras
  • sudo apt-get install -y vim
  • sudo apt-get install -y git
  • sudo apt-get install -y git-core
  • sudo apt-get install -y zsh
  • sudo apt-get install -y tmux
  • sudo apt-get install -y CMake
  • sudo apt-get install -y libopenblas-dev
  • sudo apt-get install -y gcc-4.8 # because CUDA works will less than 4.9.0
    • make soft link for gcc in /usr/bin
  • sudo apt-get install -y g++-4.8 # because CUDA works will less than 4.9.0
    • make soft link for g++ in /usr/bin
  • sudo apt-get install -y apache2
    • sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start # start the Apache Server

Python and Libs

  • python # install pip
  • sudo apt-get install python-dev # pythonLibs
  • sudo apt-get install libblas-dev liblapack-dev libatlas-base-dev gfortran
  • sudo pip install numpy
  • sudo pip install cython git+ # Installs Cython and Scipy both (Cython is requirement for scipy)
  • sudo pip install -U scikit-learn # Requires numpy and scipy
  • sudo pip install nose
  • sudo pip install markupsafe

## Python3 and Ipython (Jupyter)

  • sudo apt-get install python3-pip
  • sudo pip install jupyter
  • sudo pip3 install jupyter # I don’t know why it requires sepearate installation, especially when not done using Anaconda !


  • chsh -s which zsh # Change the shell to ZSH
  • sudo reboot now # Requires restart
  • git clone
  • ~/dotfiles/ # Run the commands to make the shortcuts
  • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim # Install bundle ## Solarized Color for vim
    • cd ~/.vim/colors/
    • wget ## Powerline & associated fonts
  • pip install powerline-status # Powerline
    • wget
    • mkdir -p ~/.fonts/ && mv PowerlineSymbols.otf ~/.fonts/
    • fc-cache -vf ~/.fonts
    • mkdir -p ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/ && mv 10-powerline-symbols.conf ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/ Note - if some aspects of powerline does not show up, check

Install NVIDIA Drivers

  • Download AMD 64 bit Linux drivers from NVIDIA website (manual download and transfer)

  • sudo service lightdm stop # stop the X server before running the installation !! Could not sign kernels, make a note of this. It might lead to problems with some libraries later on

Install CUDA

  • sudo ./ –override # for cuda 7.0
  • sudo ln -s /usr/bin/g++-4.8 /usr/local/cuda/bin/g++
  • sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.8 /usr/local/cuda/bin/gcc

Install GPU Libraries


  • sudo pip install Theano
  • sudo apt-get install -y python-pycuda # also installs the dependencies, but it is best to have own installation of nvidia-cuda, to make sure the version is proper and to maintain multiple version installation


  • sudo pip install –upgrade Tensorflow (as of Jan 15, 2016), works on Cuda 7.0 and CuDNN v2 ), thus change /usr/local/cuda softlink


  • sudo pip install keras


  • sudo pip install


Remove unnecessary Ubuntu folders

  • rm -rf ~/Desktop
  • rm -rf ~/Public # Is not persistent, after restart Ubuntu recreates this directory
  • rm -rf ~/Pictures
  • rm -rf ~/Music
  • rm -rf ~/Videos
  • rm -rf ~/Downloads
  • rm -rf ~/Templates
  • rm -rf ~/Documents
  • rm -rf ~/examples.desktop