This page is used to collect notes. I use this to share relevant notes, links and documents with my friends and colleagues. Feel free to browse them. If you landed on this page looking for specific information or link and could not find it then please let me know aprakash @ brandeis . edu


These are the presentations or class slides for the seminar talks or classroom lectures I have given. These are the most requested urls, and main reason for creation of this page.

Slides for classes taught by Adi

Jan 30 Neural Networks and Deep Learning Google Slides PDF
Feb 01 Convolutional Neural Networks Google Slides PDF
Mar 09 Recurrent Neural Networks Google Slides PDF
Mar 15 Object localization and detection Google Slides PDF
Mar 27 Neural Networks with Memory Google Slides PDF


  • Deep Learning - Collection of articles, codes, repos, tutorials, and other links which I have found useful.
  • Machine Learning - similar stuff but for Machine Learning
  • Papers - Collection of great papers in Computer Science in general, and machine learning in specific.


  • Computer Vision / Deep Learning - Notes related to my current work, papers I am reading, and some random scribble
    • Visual Question Answering - Relevant information, temeporary results and other notes regarding my current research in Visual Question Answering.
    • Transfer Learning - Long term research on doing efficient transfer learning and fine-tuning of image features obtained from deep convolutional network.
    • Convolutional Neural Network - Generic information about Convolutional Neural Network – not much on this page for now.
  • GPU Hardware & Infrastructure - Notes related to GPU cluster, my experiences with building one, and latest in the field

Computer Science

  • Data Structures and Algorithms - Collection of references, tutorials, and links. I use this to refer to my students from CS 180.
  • Programming - Collection of programming related references, articles, and competitions and learning resources
  • Image Processing and Comupter Vision - Collection of articles, and tutorials which are essentially Image processing or old school computer vision. Deep Learning associated work are available here Deep Learning


  • Probability And Statistics - Collection of great articles, tutorials and very useful links about Proability and Statistics
  • Others - Tutorials, articles and useful links in other areas of maths.

Current Affairs

  • AlphaGo - About AlphaGo, how it works, and it’s matches against Lee Sedol


Blog Aggregators

Awesome Lists



  • Chess - Chess, a wonderful game. My collection of articles, amusing facts, etc. I also use this link to share the often requested inputs.
  • Linux Hacks - My favorite linux hacks, and useful commands for increasing productivity
  • Productivity - who does not slack ? Collection of some interesting articles which dicuss procrastination, productivity and efficiency in working.
  • Books - List of books I intend to read, reading or just a general recommendation for anyone looking for great book to read.
  • Climbing - Interesting articles about rock climbing, techniques, some cool videos from competitions or outdoor climbing and great climbers to follow on instagram.
  • Name - The etymology, meaning, and history behind my name - Aaditya (or Aditya or Adi)?

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