Dokuwiki for Personal Notebook and Note taking

As a researcher, you soon start wondering if you had centralized all your notes, possibly digitized them, life would be much better. Recently when I had to make a tough choice of leaving all my notes from years when I am about to shift country (due to limited air travel baggage), I wish I had them on computer. Since I will be making more notes in the future, at least a lesson is learnt.

For this reason, I started experimenting with different available tools. I tried Evernote,, Microsoft Onenote and various personal wikis. Initially, I liked MS Onenote. Since it has several useful tools and very easy to use ‘capturing methods’. Later, I realized having it online would be more beneficial as I will be able to access it from anywhere and perhaps share it with friends/colleague if needed.

Then I started experimenting with several ‘wiki’ sites. I tried ‘tiddlywiki‘ – works great, very fluid, no installation, single file. But the idea that all the notes are in single file made me uncomfortable. I realized very soon these notes will be running thousands of pages and all of them in a single file will cause it to load very slowly. Also to have it online, I will have to give higher privileges to the file (so that it can modify the source itself), which I didn’t like. ‘Mediawiki’ (from looked little overkill.

Comparision of various personal wiki services/softwares is given here and here

Long story short, I ended up using Dokuwiki. Great features, many plugins and with little knowledge of php you can customize it with ease. Last but not least, great support for $ \LaTeX $

You can see my installation (link given below), although the Notes are still in nascent stage, but I soon expect it to be full of information and my personal notes, especially in Maths and Computer Science.

My Personal Notebook using Dokuwiki

This also means, I will not be using this blog anymore for personal notes. My initial notes and rough drafts will be in wiki and final and polished articles will be in this blog.

Written on March 8, 2013